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Getting Your Life Affairs in Order

So often in life we get incredibly busy to the point that we are literally only able to handle the new things coming at us each day, with time sensitive items getting first priority, rarely even getting to the list of items in second priority, and just forget about anything down in the third priority section…they may as well be on a list called “No chance of ever getting done list”.   With all the things we have to get done it can feel impossible to ever have time to get our life affairs in order, but without them in order it can weigh on us tremendously.

This year I set a goal for myself to get my affairs in order. I was scared to death to set it as a goal because I still have boxes and boxes of things that I never got around to unpacking from our move into our new home last year, and that doesn’t take into account the loads and loads of boxes I threw into closets with the intent of getting to them “someday”.   Not only that, but I knew that in order to start it would mean first making a list of all the things I would need to get done to truly have things “in order”, and just making the list itself seemed intimidating. And so I did what I often do if a task is going to take a great deal of time…I kicked it down the road a bit thinking, I’ll get to it tomorrow…

Well, today I decided it is now yesterday’s tomorrow, and I can’t keep kicking this ball down the road. Knowing that taking the first step is the hardest I sat down and began typing up a list of everything I need to accomplish to get my affairs in order.  I started my list with the things I least wanted to do, like getting our old home ready to list for sale, and going through all the unpacked or thrown into closet boxes and organizing the papers into meaningful files so I can actually find things (if you knew how many boxes I am going to have to go through you would understand why I am dreading this one), and getting rid of things I am never going to use (I hate this one the most because I tend to worry that I may need everything someday….I may have teeny tiny hoarder tendencies even though I’m constantly telling my husband I don’t…), and organizing all my insurance documents and policies, and organizing historical family records, and the list goes on. As much as the items on this list make me want to go back to kicking this project down the road, I know in my heart that once I accomplish this goal I will feel the weight of the world off my shoulders.  I believe that there is a peace that comes when you know you have your affairs in order.

So as much as misery loves company, I figured I would suggest that all of you consider looking at your own life affairs and deciding what you might need to do to get things in order. Start by making your list and then knock out the most miserable ones first because everything else on the list will seem easy after that 🙂 .  Think of doing it as a gift to your children or your family…everything you do to organize your own life know will benefit those you love later, and that is great motivation to get going.

Have a great start to this new week everyone!


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