Hang Out With People Who Add To Your Fun Jar

If you are wondering what today’s opening title means I can explain it best by sharing an experience I had with my daughter back when she was still a teenager.  One day after she’d gotten home from high school I was asking her how she was dealing with a negative situations she’d had to face and she shared that it had taught her a valuable life lesson, stating “Mom, you just gotta choose to hang out with people who add to your fun jar!” 

What she said is so true!  Life is so much better when you surround yourself with people who add to your fun jar – the people who can turn doing the worst task into a total party, people who make you laugh and celebrate little things with you, people who let you be silly without making you feel stupid, people who keep you from taking yourself too seriously…they point out the happy and joyous things in life and lift your spirit just by being there.  They make life happier for everyone.

I have been blessed to have so many amazing people in my life that add to my fun jar – my friends that always know how to make me laugh when I want to cry and who never fail to show up and support me for every crazy event I put on. Then there’s the people I’ve worked with over so many years who helped make work fun and always knew the days I could use being surprised with a McDonald’s hamburger HAPPY MEAL with no onions, regular fries (none of that apple business) and a large Diet Coke to put a big smile on my face. Most of all there is my awesome family who busts out in spontaneous dance parties all the time, bring the fun to every situation, and who always look to add the fun to everyone else’s jars too.

I didn’t get to celebrate my 49th birthday today with all my fun friends because of covid but I did get to celebrate with my fun family.  They surprised me by setting up amazing decorations for a special outdoor dinner together tonight. They’d printed off family photos and setup a beautiful table in a place with great views and we had a fun night talking and telling stories of our favorite memories of this past year. My husband, children, and grandchildren are the funnest people I know (even if my daughter with a passion for good grammar gets upset when I say words like funnest 🙂 ).  My family adds so much fun to my fun jar and that was the best birthday present of all today…that and the wonder woman ring my husband had made for me 🙂 .  

People who fill up our fun jar not only make our life happier, they inspire us to want to fill the fun jars of others as well.  They make us happy, which makes us want to make others happy, and that then brings us the greatest happiness of all.    

FUN:  the more you give the more you will have.  

Here are a just a few fun photos from tonight’s birthday celebration:

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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