Help them see their unlimited potential

Today I had the BYU (Brigham Young University) Founders Board Meeting. The Founder’s Board consists of people from all over the country who travel in for the board meeting each year.  The day started with me hosting the women’s luncheon at my home.  We had about 60 women attend and we all had a fabulous time.  Then we hustled out the door to head down to BYU for the New Venture Challenge, in which students at BYU pitch their business ideas in a competition voted on by the Founders.   Several business ideas were pitched and it is always so much fun to see the students’ ideas they come up with.

The most exciting thing about today was having my son Dalton down on campus so he could come and join me as I watched the businesses pitch.  It is so fun to have your grown child come and hang out with you like that and to have them be part of something meaningful to you.

After the business competition my husband and I were able to join the new BYU President, President Worthen and Dean Lee Perry and the rest of the Founder’s Board for a fantastic dinner.  We were entertained by BYU’s a cappella group Noteworthy, followed by an amazing talk by President Worthen on the mission the University.  I was incredibly impressed with the words shared by President Worthen and it is clear that he is the right man for the job he has been given.  Having my own two children there at the University, it makes me happy to know the right leader is at the helm.

I love working with the Universities. I love the energy of our young people. I love the field of possibilities that lie before them. I love trying to inspire and motivate them to dream bigger and to put themselves out there more.  Our young people today have unlimited potential and if each of us who are fully grown would take the time to reach out to these young people and find ways to encourage them I think that together we could make a significant difference.  Get involved.  Make a difference.  You don’t have to serve on the board of a University to make a difference.  You can volunteer your time to get involved in the programs at your local colleges or you can offer to be a mentor to some of their students.  Even though you will be donating your time and talents to the students, the emotional payoff you will receive is a joy beyond anything you can imagine. I promise it will be well worth your time to make the sacrifice.  And the reality is that when you do it, you’ll find that it won’t feel like a sacrifice at all. 🙂

Tomorrow morning I head to the University of Utah Board meeting as I also serve on that board and it just so happens that BYU and the U of U scheduled their board meetings on the same two days…yikes…so I will run to the Univ of Utah for their board meeting in the morning and then as soon as that ends I have to hustle back down to BYU where I will be speaking on a panel to the students on how to assemble great management teams.  The day finishes with the BYU vs Utah State football game, so it should be a busy, but exciting day, followed by an awesome weekend that I get to spend with my kids who are coming home for the weekend – YAY!

Have a great weekend everyone!  And go help our young people see their unlimited potential!!


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