If you believe in the magic of serendipity, you will have serendipitous experiences!

Serendipity. I definitely believe in it’s magic and I look for it every day of my life…maybe that’s why so many cool serendipitous things have happened in my life! This next excerpt explains serendipity perfectly:

“Serendipity is the process of making happy discoveries along the road of life. Whenever you have a clear goal that you visualize continually and that you are working toward each day, happy, unexpected events and experiences occur in your life, each of which seems to help you to achieve your goals even faster.

You might come across an article in a magazine or someone will mention something to you that you didn’t know before. You might even flip to a program on television that has exactly the idea or insight you need to solve a particular problem or answer a key question. You will often have a setback or temporary failure that turns out to be exactly the right thing to happen to you at that moment.

The interesting point is that if you look for something good in every situation, you will always seem to find it. The very attitude of expecting good things to happen to you seems to trigger their occurrence over and over again. If you calmly and confidently believe in the magic of serendipity, no matter what happens, you will have repeated serendipitous experiences that will help you to achieve your real goals in life.” (excerpt from Brian Tracy’s book Goals –second edition)

In my own life I think of serendipity as God’s hand in my life. I constantly try to look for the good things God brings into my life. I don’t look at things as mere coincidence because I don’t really believe there are coincidences. Just blessings and life lessons that are all intended to make us better and ultimately happier. But whether you see serendipity as God’s hand in things or just a happy discovery, believe it exists…believe in its magic…and look for it every day of your life…

Be excited for this new week ahead of us! It’s going to be AWESOME!!


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