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36 years ago today one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time was released. The movie stars one of my favorite actors of all time – Jimmy Stewart, which alone tells you the movie is amazing. The movie is called Mr. Krueger’s Christmas. For me Christmas isn’t Christmas if I don’t watch this movie – it invites the spirit of Christmas into my home more than any other Christmas movie does. My favorite scene in the movie is when Jimmy Stewart’s character Mr. Kreuger, a lonely widowed custodian who is alone for Christmas, is setting up his nativity in his apartment and he suddenly imagines himself actually in the stable where Jesus was born talking to the baby Jesus. It is truly one of the most touching scenes you will ever watch as this man pours out his heart to the Christ child, thanking him for what he has done for his life. Here is the three minute scene from the movie:

What is even more touching is found in this short video clip below. In this clip you will hear from real-life individuals who each share how they had their own “Mr. Krueger” moment where they came to recognize what Jesus Christ really meant to their life – it’s honestly amazing:

I love that quote “Light and darkness cannot occupy the same space at the same time.” It is absolutely true. When you have the light of Christ in your life it is impossible for darkness to exist there. And what better time than the week of Christmas to kneel by your bedside and say a prayer, asking for God’s help to put Christ first in your life. That is the greatest gift you could give to God and the greatest gift you could give to yourself.

PS.  If you enjoyed that clip from Mr. Kreuger’s Christmas  you can watch the entire 25 minute movie for free by clicking here:  Mr. Krueger’s Christmas  (I promise it will become one of your favorites too!)

With love,

Amy Rees Anderson


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  • Jane says:

    I have to watch the movie! Thank you for sharing. I believe Christmas isn’t Christmas till it happens in your heart. That is actually a children’s song that makes me cry every time I hear it because it’s true. In all the buying frenzy and everything else, what Christmas really means is Jesus the savior. I never lose sight of that. God bless you, Amy. Merry Christmas with love.

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