My Christmas Gift To You

Given that this blog is the last one you will read before you celebrate Christmas Day I felt it only appropriate that in today’s blog I should give you your Christmas Gift from me.

As I thought through what I could possibly give that would be meaningful to each of you and that could have a positive impact on your lives, I decided that the greatest gift I could give to you this Christmas would be for me to say a prayer to Heavenly Father asking Him to bless each of you with the things your hearts stand in need of this Christmas. I will ask that He bless you with peace. I will ask Him to help each of you to recognize the miracles that He is bringing into your lives.  I will ask Him to help you feel of His infinite love for you. That will be my prayer offered on your behalf this Christmas.

I know that God the Father loves you and so does Jesus Christ. I know they love each one of you infinitely. I know that because God sent His son Jesus Christ down to earth to be born of Mary knowing His son would grow to adulthood and then willingly suffer the weight of all our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane and be tortured and crucified on the cross at Calvary. God did that even though He had the power to stop Jesus’ suffering at any time – yet He chose not to because He knew that stopping it would have made it impossible for the rest of His children to return to live with Him again someday. As a parent myself, I cannot even begin to fathom just how difficult it would have been to not step in and stop your child from suffering the way Christ suffered, especially when you had the power to. But thinking about that from a parent’s perspective truly helps me understand just how infinite the love that both God the Father and Jesus Christ have for each one of us. And their love isn’t just for all of us collectively, it is for each of us individually – I know that because whether there were billions of us or just one of us, God would have still sent His son Jesus Christ to atone for just one of us, and Jesus Christ would have willingly done it for just one of us. For any one of us alone they would have still made that sacrifice. That is how much each one of us matters to them.

We are each God’s child and Jesus Christ is our elder brother, and they both love us unconditionally and eternally. That I know. I know they are aware of every detail of what is happening in our lives. They care more about us than we can begin to imagine. And their greatest desire is for us to have joy. It is my testimony that if we put our faith and trust in God, following Jesus Christ’s perfect example, we will, in fact, have joy.

Remember that miracles happen, especially during Christmas. I wish you the very merriest Christmas! I will write again on December 26th.

God Bless,

Amy Rees Anderson


  • Michael says:

    Amy thanks for such wonderful prayer. If you haven’t read CS Lewis Mere Christianity I highly recommend it. Read the chapter on the three personal God and then compare it to John 15. You will see how Lewis drew his conclusions. Also the chapter on the new men.

    I have you in my prayers as well, God Bless.

    • Jane says:

      Michael, I just bought a copy of Mere Christianity to read this year. It’s on my list. Thank you for pointing out one of the chapters. Also, I just read John 15 yesterday in my quiet time and shared one of the verses with a friend who asked me to send her a few verses of scripture every day to help her on her faith walk. I love how God introduces us to believers we will never meet and encourages us that we need each other in this life.

  • Jane says:

    Dear Amy, your faith in Jesus is what first attracted me to your blog, which I try really hard to read every day. You write so beautifully, I thank God for your life. I thank him that in all the gifts he gave you, writing is one of them. You are on my prayer list as well. I have a list of people I have never met, know through social media, whom I pray for by name. Sometimes I can pray specifically, but other times, I simply pray for God to give them a sense of purpose and surround them with love. I pray for God to bless them abundantly spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May you experience the comfort and joy of the savior long after the season has passed.

    It’s interesting that in my prayer journal a few days ago, when I wrote my prayer to God, I acknowledged that Jesus died for me, but it seems like God could have found a different way to redeem the world than send his son to be brutalized and crucified. “For God so loved the world . . . and Jesus came not to condemn the world, but to save the world. Thank you for sharing your faith.

    • Michael says:

      Jane, I also like the audio version and that’s how I first found Mere Christianity. If you do a search on YouTube for Beyond Personality you’ll find it. Keep up the good fight Jane nothing more rewarding than brining someone to Christ.

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