Steel Going Strong

For Christmas this year my husband made me THE coolest Wonder Woman sign that he made for me out of steel, which is also super fitting given that it’s our 11 year wedding anniversary tomorrow (December 31st) and the 11th anniversary just happens to be our steel anniversary!  Perfect right?!

Then from the scraps of steel he had leftover, our nephew Cody made my husband a Superman steel sign, which is also fitting for my anniversary because my husband is definitely my man of steel!

So Happy Anniversary to my honey!  I can’t believe we’ve already made it eleven years…or another way to look at it is 132 months…573 weeks…4,108 days…96,432 hours…5,785,920 minutes… or 347,155,200 seconds…and still counting…

So what have I learned these last eleven years?  I’ve learned that marriage is full of ups and downs so if you are going to weather the down times you have to be completely loyal to one another, you have to have absolute fidelity to your spouse, you have to be willing to make an effort every single day to let the other person know you truly love and appreciate them, and you have to be willing to communicate, communicate, communicate…and then communicate!  Be quick to say “I’m sorry” and slow to dish out criticism. Build each other up. You can’t be best friends with each other without trusting each other with your insecurities and weaknesses. Share your hopes and dreams with each other. Set goals together. Hold each other accountable. Have fun together. PLAY…ALOT!  FLIRT! LAUGH!  And LOVE each other completely and without reservation. And always be committed to making it work.

I’m grateful that we’ve made it 11 years and we are ‘steel’ going strong 🙂 Happy Anniversary Rollin!

And Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson


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