Tale As Old As Time

Last night I went with my husband and my kids to go and see Disney’s new movie, Beauty and the Beast. If you haven’t yet gone to see this movie GO SEE IT! I don’t just say that because I happen to be obsessed with all things Disney, which I totally admit to being…I say it because it just leaves you feeling HAPPY!

I guess that is why I am so obsessed with Disney – because they always give you a Happy Ending, they remind you that good will ALWAYS overcome evil in the end, and they help you realize that there truly is magic in this world that will help make all your dreams come true if you simply believe. And they remind us that “all you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust!”

We live in a world full of bad news, negativity, dishonesty, anger, hatred, and evil. So when something comes along that brings light and positivity and spreads messages of love, kindness, and integrity, it is a true breath of fresh air that we all could use a dose of. And Disney’s fairytales are a much needed reminder that there is still good in this world and that kindness and honesty still exist. And I especially love that they remind us that it is ALWAYS a good time to bust into a fabulous song and dance number!

Oh how I love the music and dancing and romance of a good Disney fairytale. Not to mention all of the sparkle, and princes and princesses, and all the castle’s full of magical creatures, especially the creatures who can not only serve you a fabulous meal, but they do the dishes for you when it’s over…now that really is a fairytale with a happy ending!

Go see Beauty and the Beast and take the whole family because once upon a time in a land far, far, away they will learn that beauty comes from within, they will learn that it’s what’s on their inside that truly makes us who we are, and most of all they will be reminded to believe in happily ever after…

~Amy Rees Anderson


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  • Jane says:

    Thank you for this endorsement. I hope to see the movie with my granddaughters – I just hope it stays around long enough so we can get there. I love Disney and Hallmark for exactly this reason. There is a happy ending. I guess that’s one reason I don’t mind commercials. They irritate some people but one thing about them, nothing bad happens in commercials.

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