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What will your mark on this world be?

We all come into this world for a time, not knowing how short or long the time we have in this life will be. We go about our lives being busy, getting things done, and hopefully having some fun along the way. But when is the last time we really sat down and thought about what we want our mark on this world to be?

We live down in the weeds so much of our lives, entrenched in the little details of things. Being down in the details day in and day out makes it really difficult to see the big picture. In fact it can be almost impossible to really keep things in perspective when you are always living down in the weeds. Lately I’ve been trying to remind myself that you can’t see the flowers when you’re spending too much time down in the weeds.

I think in order to really see the big picture and to really get the right perspective in life you have to stop and ask yourself the question, “What do I want my mark on this world to be?”

It’s an intimidating question in some ways. In order to answer it, it requires that we commit ourselves to something fully, because leaving a mark is no small task. In fact, leaving a mark is a huge undertaking that will require tremendous amounts of work and dedication. It will take a willingness to fall down and get back up multiple times along the way. It will require sacrificing things that are good for something that is better. It will require really committing to standing for something and adhering to it even when doing so isn’t fun or easy. But more than anything, making a mark on this world is going to take work and loads of it.

Maybe that’s why we don’t stop and ask the question very often…we don’t want to commit to the answer. But the truth is that by not asking the question and not committing to an answer we are, by default, not to determine our own legacy.  The last thing we should want is to have our lives come to an end and look back and feel like we left no significant mark, or even worse, we left a mark we can’t be proud of. Yet that is the risk we run by not taking time to ask ourselves the question and not committing to an answer.

I for one don’t want to ever look back on this life and have to think to myself, “Dang I wish I would have…” I want to look back on this life and think, “Way to go girl! Just look at the mark you made and the legacy you left for all those who came after you…”

We all could benefit from trying to poke our heads out of the weeds this weekend and taking the time to ask ourselves what we want our mark on this world to be. Hopefully we can all come up with our own brilliant answers to that question!

Have an incredible weekend everyone! And speaking of leaving a legacy, don’t forget to check out RootsTech!



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  • Kat says:

    Amy you have made a mark on the world because of your blogs. They truly inspire and motivate me (and probably a lot of your readers too across the globe). Thank you for being in my life each day!

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