A gift to be treasured

As I shared in yesterday’s post, I was honored to be inducted in the Utah Technology Council (UTC) Hall of Fame last Friday. As part of that the UTC hired a company called Avalanche Studios to go and interview a few of the important people from my life as well as interviewing me and to take that footage and put together a short video they could play during the event as they announced the honorees and then give it to me as a gift.

Being able to watch that video at the event and seeing so many people who have impacted my life in such amazing ways was a gift I will treasure forever. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is incredibly meaningful, but to me, receiving that video was the most meaningful gift of all. It is a treasure that I now get to have a copy of forever and that kind of a gift is something you can’t really put a price tag on because it is truly priceless.

As we head into the holiday season and we are thinking about what gifts to give the people we care about the most in our lives, we ought to think about what gifts we might give that have a special meaning that goes beyond a price tag…Gifts that entail capturing precious memories and thoughts in a way can last forever. Whether you give a gift of having a video created for someone like the one that was made for me, or you have old photo albums digitized into a slideshow and set to music, or you take existing digital images and load them onto a digital picture frame, or have their old 8mm films or VCR tapes converted into digital format, or simply write up special memories from the past or write a letter about the value someone has created in your life – the value of these types of gifts aren’t something you can put a price tag on because these types of gifts truly are priceless…because these are the type of gifts that people will treasure forever.

Here’s a copy of the video that was made for the event and given to me as a gift. It is so meaningful for me and I truly will treasure it forever. I am so thankful to all of those people who were a part of it and for UTC and Avalanche Studios for doing this for me! And just one important note: when you see the photo of the 80’s hair in the video just try to remember IT WAS IN STYLE BACK THEN so no judging! 🙂

Have a great day everyone! And start planning those meaningful gifts now while there is still time to get them ready for the holidays 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson



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