Well hello there sunshine! How are all of you? Can I just say that I LOVE sunny days and summertime!  I mean really, they are the greatest!  There is something about the feeling of sun on your skin that just makes you happier…am I right?!

Today I am thinking a lot about all the good things in my life. I have been thinking about how grateful I am to have an incredible family, amazing friends, and unbelievable life experiences I have been able learn and grow from.  Today I feel truly blessed.

It’s funny….it is seriously impossible to feel sad or stressed out in the moments you are feeling blessed. Gratitude seems to be the perfect solution for putting a smile on your face. I wish we could bottle it into a pill we could pop every morning that would keep us grateful all day long. We could seriously make billions off that little invention!  So if any of you take it and run with that idea just remember to cut me in for say 10% of the profits for giving you the idea 🙂 .

Seriously though, I wonder if we should all create our own little jar of jelly bellys or something like that and label it our “Gratitude Pills”. Then we could carry it around in our purses or pockets with us throughout the day and whenever we are starting to slip we could pop a Gratitude Pill to remind ourselves to perk back up!  I seriously may try that…..if for no other reason than I love jelly belly’s (tee hee).  It couldn’t hurt to try it, right…and it just might help us remember that we are all #blessed as my daughter would say.

We are all #blessed. No doubt about it. We may all be #blessed in different ways but without question we all are. Anyone who can read this blog right now is #blessed to have sight, and anyone who can run outside is #blessed to be able to walk. We should all be able to find the ways we are #blessed to focus on in our lives and if you need a little help go pop a jelly belly and remind yourself that you are #blessed to have some yummy candy to eat 🙂

Have a #blessed day everyone!


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