Bring Your Own Sunshine

Most days when it rains outside we tend to feel bummed out about it and we seem to behave a little less cheery those days. But something happened last weekend that reminded me how easily we can rectify that.

It was a bright yellow raincoat just hanging on the rack at the Mall. My 20 year old daughter Ashley squealed with delight and said “Mom I HAVE to have this raincoat! It’s soooo FUN!!” Watching how excited she was it would have been impossible to say no to her. She then explained how everyone needs a bright yellow raincoat to dance around in when it rains because it is just so HAPPY!

There was truth to the fact that seeing her twirling around the store in her people couldn’t help but smile. It was like a ball of yellow sunshine brightening up the room. So we bought her the raincoat and now she is just so excited for there to be a rainy day so she can run around in her new bright yellow raincoat.

It’s funny how something as simple as a bright yellow raincoat could make her excited for there to be rain outside. Rather than dreading the next storm, she is looking forward to it. All because of a bright yellow raincoat.

Whether we go buy ourselves a bright yellow raincoat or not, we can have our own figurative bright yellow raincoats in our lives. Those symbols of things that make us smile…that cheer us up…that help us feel happy. Those little things that can help lift us up during times we might usually feel down. Whether its something bright yellow, or an inspiring song, or a picture of a special person or place, we just need to find those and keep them handy so that when the stormy times of life come we have that bright yellow raincoat to put on and help us feel sunshine through our rainy day. (pics of my cute daughter celebrating her new bright yellow raincoat 🙂 ):

raincoat1 raincoat2 raincoat3

~Amy Rees Anderson


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