Choose a President “who will enforce the laws and administer the law in equity and justice”

“The great danger in any society is apathy and a failure to be alert to the issues of the day, when applied to principles or to the election of public officials. …Our civic responsibilities is to choose those to govern us as civil officers and magistrates who will enforce the laws and administer the law in equity and justice. …In a word, we must seek for statesmenlike men who will ask, “Is it right and is it good for the country or the community?” instead of those who may merely ask, “Is it politically expedient?” – Harold B. Lee

Until now I have not written about this Presidential election we are facing, mainly because it has been turned into such an ugly and contentious topic by far too many people, whether it be through negative political ads, nasty robocalls, or hateful Facebook and twitter postings, and I simply didn’t want to participate in that atmosphere. In addition, I firmly believe that everyone has the right to vote their own conscious and we should respect each other’s ability to choose for ourselves, even if we disagree with one another’s choices. And so everything I will share today is with those feelings at the foundation of my words.

We are facing a critical decision as a country with this Presidential election. The impact of who is chosen as our President won’t just have a four year impact, it will have an impact for decades and generations to come. That is because the President we elect is going to have the ability to completely reshape the Supreme Court with the large number of judges they will get to appoint during their term of office. This one factor alone is the reason why every American citizen needs to be willing to cast their vote in a way that will actually have an impact on choosing between the two viable Presidential candidates before us.

It is simply a fact that there are only two viable Presidential candidates who can win this election – our President will either be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Look, I recognize that many American citizens are frustrated and even angry that realistically those are the only viable choices before us, but the truth is that this is a problem we as Americans should have come together and done something about long ago if we really wanted better options to choose from…but unfortunately, we didn’t. We didn’t come together as a country long ago with candidates we all felt better about and so here we stand today with those two as our only viable options to become our President and we as a country have to own that fact, and hopefully we will learn from our mistakes and start to unify behind people with integrity that we want to have lead us in the future elections. But today we must deal with this current election.

Some Americans have threatened to refuse to vote or to cast their vote for a third party candidate as an indication of their protest in this election, but the truth is that doing so is simply too little, too late. And those who choose not to vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are simply forgoing their ability to have their vote carry weight in what promises to be one of the most important Presidential elections we have faced. We simply cannot afford for any of us to throw our votes away.

There is so much at stake from the Supreme Court, to the economy, to the military, to fighting terrorism, to healthcare, and education, and the list goes on. Each of us must consider each of the issues and then determine for ourselves who of the two candidates we believe will enforce the laws and administer the law in equity and justice and who will do what is right and good for our country.

I believe that no matter what candidate is elected as our President that America is still a choice land and that our Constitution was divinely inspired. And I believe that whichever candidate is elected as our President we ought to all get our knees daily and pray for them that they may have the courage and integrity to lead our country well. May God Bless America, may God Bless each of us, and may God bless America’s new President.

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Dennis J. Pitocco says:

    Simply outstanding, Amy. Will share far and wide today!

  • Jane says:

    I have many tears as I read your words of wisdom. I want every person who has not yet voted to read this. I know people who insist on voting for the third party. If they only could see through their ignorance on this topic. And you are so right about the Supreme Court. A friend reminded me yesterday that that Pharaoh was king but Joseph ran the kingdom then Darius was king but Daniel ran the kingdom. The vice president could be the strongest voice.

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