Don’t let yourself take any of it for granted

This last week has been an absolute whirlwind! It has been back to back events for the Sundance Film Festival. I wish I could sit and write every amazing experience I have had this week but it would result in far too long of a blog for anyone to want to read. I will tell you that today I had the amazing experience of going to hear Robert Redford and George Lucas talk about the Power of Story. It was an amazing event and I am going to be writing an article about it over this weekend so I will hold off sharing more about that in today’s blog, but trust me when I tell you that you will love hearing about it. They were fantastic!

It’s funny how you go into the festival so excited about everything and then you pack so much into your schedule that as you do more and more in such a short window of time you find yourself starting to take for granted the amazing opportunities you are experiencing. As I began to feel worn out this afternoon I couldn’t help but compare how I was feeling to our family trip to Rome Italy a few years ago. We went to the Vatican and as we began the tour we were absolutely enamored with every statue and all the amazing art….but after hours and hours of touring the building and seeing amazing statue after amazing statue we found by the end of it that we were like “ya, that’s okay” because we had taken in so much in such a short amount of time that we weren’t feeling the same impact we had felt going into it. We had stopped remembering the amazing opportunity we were experiencing.

As I recognized that I was having those feelings again today I had to snap myself out of it and remind myself how lucky I was to be able to be participating in this great event and that I shouldn’t let myself take any of it for granted. That helped me get my head back in the right frame of mind again.

In life we can have times where we are taking in too much of a good thing all at once to the point that we no longer recognize what we have and how lucky we are. When those moments happen we need to find ways to snap ourselves out of it and remember to feel gratitude and appreciation for what we have. Taking any blessing, or person, or opportunity for granted is a huge mistake and one we should do whatever it takes to avoid. We should never let ourselves forget that the things we are taking for granted are the things that someone else is praying for.

I am grateful and appreciative that I have been able to participate in Sundance this last week. And I am also extremely grateful that it is almost the weekend! Because this picture is exactly how I feel 🙂

What a week!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


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