Every Song Begins With A Blank Page

“Every song begins with a blank page.” – Pasek & Paul

This evening I had the incredible opportunity to go and hear Pasek & Paul, songwriters of The Greatest Showman movie, speak and perform at Utah Valley University ( UVU ).  Now I was a HUGE fan of The Greatest Showman movie and soundtrack already, but after tonight I am a total fan girl of Pasek & Paul – they did an INCREDIBLE job!

They shared several stories of their journey to becoming award winning songwriters and they shared words of wisdom from their experiences with students. One of my favorite things they shared with the students was that each time they sit down to write a new song they stare at the blank piece of paper in front of them and they feel fear wondering whether they will be able to create a song people will like and whether the words will come to them. Then they reminded students that, “Every song begins with a blank page.”  I loved that!

They performed many songs tonight and I am including a video clip I shot of them performing the song Rewrite The Stars for the audience which I will include for you below. But I have to tell you that the most emotionally touching moment of the entire night was when the One Voice Children’s Choir performed at the end of the night Pasek & Paul’s song “This Is Me”. I am SO GLAD I happened to get my phone out to capture this performance because as the final singer began to sing there was not a dry eye in the house – you have to watch this video all the way through to really understand why…oh my gosh it choked all of us up. Watch and see why:

~Amy Rees Anderson

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