Kindred Spirits

Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone for the first time, but having that feeling that you already know them?  There is an instant connection and an immediate comfort as if you have known them all your life.  You feel totally at ease sharing things with them because there is that sense of trust and familiarity.  There is a mutual respect and admiration for one another and the bond of friendship comes instantly, without any effort at all.  These are kindred spirits.  And meeting a kindred spirit is one of life’s great joys.

“When you encounter someone you were destined to meet the conversation will take flight as if it were on the wings of angels, complete strangers confiding in each other as if you were lifelong friends.” – Kevin Hall

Several months ago my husband and I were attending an event with the board members of the University of Utah Business School that I serve on, when we met Paul and Debbie Beck.  Paul and Debbie live in Cincinnati but had come to town for the meeting.  The moment we sat down with them to talk we immediately felt that they were kindred spirits.  We were lifelong friends in a matter of minutes and we spent hours talking and laughing and enjoying our conversation with one another.  Leaving the event we exchanged contact information, determined to stay in touch.  They emailed a few weeks later and we made plans to have dinner the next time they came to town, which we did earlier this week.  It was truly like spending time with lifelong friends and we had a wonderful evening sharing stories of our families and experiences.  After we returned to our home my husband and I talked at how awesome it is to cross paths with those people in life that are truly kindred spirits.  We feel blessed to have crossed paths with the Becks because they are now eternal friends.

I don’t believe that kindred spirits are people we meet by chance.  I personally believe that those kindred spirits we meet were friends that we knew in spirit prior to being born into this life.   I believe that is why we feel that instant connection – I believe it is us recognizing a friendship that has existed much longer than we can conceive of.  I believe that is what causes that feeling of comfort – we are remembering that they are true friends that can be trusted.

I can’t help but wonder if there were times a kindred spirit went unnoticed because I was too rushed or too busy being distracted with my emails or text messages to turn and say hi to the person next to me.   This experience of meeting kindred spirit is one that would likely happen more often for all of us if we started paying a little more attention to the people that cross our paths in life…if we sought those people out more.  And what a shame that would be to have missed out on the opportunity to find those kindred spirits that crossed our way?!

My life has been blessed numerous times as I have crossed paths with kindred spirits.  Many of my dearest friendships and my most valued business relationships have been formed with people that were kindred spirits.  I am so incredibly grateful for them because it is those kindred spirits that truly remain eternal friends…both before this life and most certainly after.

Today’s challenge is to pay more attention to the people you are crossing paths with so that when a kindred spirit crosses your way you will be sure to notice them!

Have a blessed day today and may your weekend bring many kindred spirits into your life!


  • Bruna Brown says:

    Loved it!! And I believe that a kindred spirit never cross our path without us paying attention to it, no matter what. I believe that if we did not pay attention is because it wasn’t one of the kind…;)

  • Melisa says:

    Did you know in your episode Shadows, at the end where you all are on the porch and your recommending a sleep therapist the shadow walks behind you. You can see it when the camera man pans back ! Enjoy your show and approach ! Thank you.

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