No Problem Too Big Or Small To Matter

Over the weekend I saw a post my daughter had written on social media about an experience our family had over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was a little thing that happened, but as I read her post I realized that the impact of that little thing is so much larger and ought to get shared, so here is my daughter Ashley’s post:

“Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s’ love and concern for us has been heavily on my mind recently. When we were in DC over the Thanksgiving break my niece Maggie lost her pacifier. (If you know Maggie… or any toddler for that matter… you know it was the end of the world.) Half the family frantically checked the hotel room and after 30 minutes even started digging through the trash in desperation to find it. Meanwhile, the rest of us looked in the rental car, luggage, and the diaper bag several times. No pacifier. Finally after about 45 minutes my mom offered a prayer. Within 2 minutes we found the pacifier in the same diaper bag we had already checked multiple times previously. Crisis averted. I learned 2 valuable lessons when I reflect on that day:

#1: We could have saved 45 frantic minutes if we had thought to START our search with a prayer.

#2: In the midst of a global pandemic, death, divorce, infertility, disease, political turmoil, natural disasters, and all sorts of chaos, God helped a 1 year old be reunited with her pacifier. What does that tell us about His love and attention to detail? It tells us that there isn’t EVER a problem or worry too small for Him to care about… EVEN and ESPECIALLY right now. In times when it feels like He’s silent, distant, or ignoring us all together, I hope I can remember this experience and know that He does care and His timing is perfect.” – (written by Ashley Anderson Hill)

God cares about all of our problems – both the big and the small – and He does hear and answer every prayer.

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )


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