Resolve What You Will Do While You Are Still In The Moment

This last Sunday I attended a meeting in which BYU President Kevin Worthen spoke. He covered several topics but there was one suggestion in particular that he gave that really struck me and I knew I had to share it with all of you:

He shared that when you hear a speaker talk that inspires you to want to be better, if you want that moment of inspiration to have a lasting impact on your life then you’ve got to resolve right then as to what you will change or do differently – because if you don’t, a week later you will have already forgotten about it and there will be no lasting impact that came from that moment of inspiration.  He shared that its really important to resolve in your mind during those moments the very specific things you are committing to change or do differently – he told us to not ever let those moments pass by without having done that.

He went on to explain that if each of us were to take notes as we were listening to an inspirational speaker we would find that we’d all written such different things down it would appear we’d been listening to very different talks. He said the reason for this is as each of us listen we will be prompted with thoughts and feelings that are meant to give guidance for our own unique situations. So we should take those thoughts and feelings and use them to resolve exactly what we will change or do different from that moment forward. Because that is how we can make sure we will achieve all we are meant to achieve.

I loved his talk because he’s SO RIGHT! So often we hear a speaker and we feel so inspired in that moment but we fail to resolve what we are specifically going to do with the promptings we feel while listening. So I committed myself right there and then as he was closing his talk that from now on I won’t ever let myself walk out of an inspiring talk again without having first resolved some specific thing I am going to do.

Don’t waste a single moment of inspiration – resolve what you will do while you are still in the moment.

Have a fantastic day!

~Amy Rees Anderson (you can purchase a copy of my new book here: “What AWESOME Looks Like: How To Excel In Business & Life“)

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