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We’ve all spent the last few months hearing pretty much nothing but bad news…from the coronavirus pandemic, to earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, severe storms, stock market crashes, cancelled graduations, and on and on and on…with every news station full of stories of gloom and doom is it really that surprising that people are struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression?

What we need are news outlets that share more good news – positive stories of people helping people, acts of kindness being done, the good that is going on in the world…  Thank heaven that celebrity actor John Krasinski (The Office, 17 Hours, The Quiet Place, Jack Ryan, etc) saw this need and decided to use his star power to do something about it.  John started a weekly news show called “Some Good News” – a show dedicated entirely to sharing good news.  And the fact that his first episode which aired just over a month ago has already gotten over 17 million views on YouTube tells you exactly how hungry the world is for this kind of positivity!   

In each episode John shares feel good stories, happy videos, fun photos and tweets, and John video conferences in an array of everyday people as well as the biggest celebrities and he shares uplifting stories. He brings attention to acts of kindness people are doing for one another, fun things families are doing during quarantine, and sharing how people are finding joy and happiness despite these trying circumstances of the pandemic.  There’s no negativity on the show, no spreading of gloom and doom, no bashing of others or making jokes at someone’s expense…it’s just fun loving, happy, feel good messages about the good news happening in the world.

My family is a HUGE fan of John and his new show so you can imagine my daughter’s excitement when she was contacted and asked to be on John’s 6th episode highlighting the graduating class of 2020 from college. That episode just aired tonight.  

The description of tonight’s episode from the Some Good News YouTube channel states:  

“John Krasinski highlights some good news around the world (including weather from Ryan Reynolds) and sends the class of 2020 off with advice from Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Malala Yousafzai, and Jon Stewart. And thank you Samuel L. Jackson for the SGN dramatic re-enactment!”

Here is tonight’s episode graduation portion (fyi – my daughter Ashley Hill appears at 7:43 in the top left corner. At 7:46 she’s second row from the bottom on far left. At 7:51 she’s top left corner. At 8:00 she’s second row from bottom far left and she is the first student to intro herself at 8:05 on the top row far left and then full screen as she says she’s Ashley Hill from #BYU . She appears the last time at 21:43 second row from the bottom on far left. #proudmom )

If you haven’t yet subscribed to John’s show Some Good News YOU SHOULD! It’s a great way to lift your spirits and help you stay focused on all the good going on right now. To subscribe to his Youtube show you can click here and then hit the subscribe button.

Thanks John Krasinski for bringing good news into everyone’s homes each week! And thank you even more for making my daughter’s day!!! #agratefulmom #somegoodnews #johnkrasinski

~Amy Rees Anderson (author of the book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” )

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