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The Biggest Secret I’ve Ever Had To Keep

Keeping exciting news a secret is not something I enjoy. When I buy someone a gift it’s all I can do not to tell them the moment I buy it. It makes keeping Christmas presents a surprise incredibly difficult. But today I am proud of myself because for the last two months I have been keeping the biggest exciting news secret of my life and it has about killed me to do it!  But finally I am allowed to share it:


For those not familiar with that term it means I am going to be a Grandma, but because I am still young myself, it makes me far too glamorous to be called Grandma just  yet, so we are going to go with having my grandchildren call me Glam-ma instead 🙂   And I am SO EXCITED I can hardly stand it!!!

My son Dalton and his wife Alexis told me at Christmas. They wrapped a baby onesie and put it in a gift box. On the onesie they had written “Baby Anderson coming August 2017”. When I first opened the box I thought they were just joking because for the entire year that they have been married they have joked a million times telling me they were pregnant, so it had gotten to the point they had no credibility on the topic. But then my husband picked up a pregnancy test that was sitting in the box and it showed positive. I started screaming and looked up at my son to see if it was really true and he looked back at me and began to cry a happy overwhelmed new daddy-to-be cry and I knew without a doubt that it was true. My daughter-in-law Alexis recorded the scene on her cell phone so they could capture the moment we found out. Now before you play it I would ask that we excuse the fact that I am in pajamas without makeup and hair done yet so I look a little frightening, but it was early as we were celebrating Christmas morning so promise not to  judge how bad I look…

Just watching the video again makes me want to cry with joy. I am just so happy. My very first grandbaby! It’s such a great feeling! I have so much to learn and so many baby things to buy! And I am going to treasure all of it…every single moment…because this is what life is all about…love and family and lots and lots of grandbabies to love….

Dalton and Alexis didn’t want us to tell anyone until she could have her first Dr’s appointment to make sure everything with the pregnancy was okay. It was SO HARD not to scream it out to the world. I was sworn to secrecy from even telling my own parents. And I am so proud of myself for being able to keep it in all this time when I was ready to BURST WITH JOY at the news. But Alexis finally got in to see her Doctor and as you will see in this little video clip, the baby’s heartbeat sounds perfect…what a beautiful sound…

And now I finally get to share the big secret – I AM GOING TO BE A GLAM-MA and my grandbaby is due at the end of August 2017. I’M SO EXCITED!!!  #blessed

Thanks for letting me share the good news with all of you! And thank heavens I no longer have to keep it a secret!

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Norm Wright says:

    Congratulations Amy! I sense a bit of spoiling coming on.

  • Margaret tebbs says:

    I am always excited when we are told about another baby to love. Congrats., to all of you Little deceivers!!!!!! Ha, ha. Just kidding. I cannot believe that David or even the’little girls’ didn’t say anything. It will be a beautiful baby.

  • Jane says:

    I read this last night and all I could think about was how loved you must be as a mom and mom-in-law – AND how incredible you will be as a grandma. Your grandchildren are going to adore you and believe me, I’ve been a grandma 5 times and every one of them is a time for excitement and you will love giving them gifts and spending time with them.

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