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The Fastest Way To Turn A Bad Day Around

Have you ever noticed that no matter how tired you are or how worn out you feel, the instant someone puts on great dance music you can’t help yourself from starting to bop your head and tap your feet to the beat. Nothing can lift your spirits faster than an impromptu dance party.

For those of you who feel too silly to get up and dance – leave your shyness at the door, set your inhibitions aside, and let your hair down, because life is far too short to stay standing on the sidelines…because there’s absolutely no fun in being that person.

Plus, there is no need to be worried what other people think of your dancing because the only people who are going to judge your dancing are those people who are too scared and miserable to get out on the floor and dance themselves. And I can promise the people out there on the floor dancing along with you are far too busy having tons of fun themselves to judge whether you are a good dancer or not. They are too happy to tear anyone else down.

“While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life.  I can only be joyful and whole.  That is why I dance.  – Hans Bos

Next time you are having a bad day, or you are feeling stuck in a rut, the fastest way to turn that bad day around is to put on some fun music and DANCE. Find a great song, crank the volume, bop your head and tap your feet…then get out there and dance like nobody’s watching. It’s not about dancing for joy, its about dancing to have joy.

~Amy Rees Anderson (my new book “What Awesome Looks Like: How To Excel in Business & Life” is available on Amazon)

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