The Feeling of Home

We have traveled extensively over this summer. On a European front we have been to London, Paris, Belgium, Germany, other parts of France, Switzerland, and Amsterdam. Then back in the states we have been to Lake Powell three different times and now Idaho for my husband’s family reunion….Where we haven’t been much this summer is HOME.

There really is nothing quite like the feeling of walking into your home again after having been away. There is that familiar smell, the coziness, the familiarity, the sense of comfort, and that peaceful spirit that whispers “welcome back….take a deep breath, you’re home”. Such a great feeling. Not to mention the fact that there is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed at night.

The fact I that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE coming home. I LOVE IT!

The Dalai Lama said, “A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.” I believe that’s true. Our home should be our sanctuary and it should be filled with love and peace. When we have that sanctuary in life it allows us to be far more courageous in venturing out into the world to explore and have adventures and experience new and exciting things because we know that the safety of home will be there waiting for us to return to.

It takes effort to create a good feeling in our homes. It takes exercising patience and kindness with our family, it takes some cleaning and organizing to make it pleasant, and the smell of homemade bread or freshly baked cookies never hurts either 🙂

I think you can always feel the spirit of people’s homes. And that spirit has nothing to do with how nice the home is, or how extravagant the furnishings are…I think the spirit you feel comes from how the people living there feel about one another and how they treat one another within that home. Each of us can impact the spirit we create in our own home through our words and our actions and our prayers.

I am grateful for my husband and my children and all those people in our lives who have helped created the spirit of LOVE in our home. Because of them, for me there truly is NO PLACE LIKE HOME….

Have a great day everyone!



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