Schedule a Clean-Up Day

Every now and then you just have to schedule a Clean-Up Day! A Clean-Up Day is a day where you literally spend an entire day cleaning up all the things that have been piling up for far too long and that have managed to make your space feel like total chaos.

To begin your clean-up day it is usually best to start with a Clean-Up Serenity Prayer where you state:

“Lord grant me the serenity to accept the messy state my house (or office) is in, the courage to start cleaning, and the wisdom to not let it get this way again.”

Because you will definitely need a lot of courage to sit down amongst the piles of stuff and have to sort through what it actually is because there is always the fear of finding something important that has been buried amongst the mess and you didn’t handle when it should have been and now you’ll be forced to fix. There is some truth to the fact that ignorance is bliss…until it bites you in the behind anyway…so muster up that courage and start going through the piles!

Now, you’ll know you’ve had a good clean-up day when it gets to be 7pm at night and you are still wearing your pajamas from this morning and you haven’t spent one minute on fixing your hair or face because you woke up out of bed and got right to work doing the piles of laundry that have piled up, opening the stacks of mail that have been growing, emptying suitcases from all your trips, and going through all the mess on your bedroom floor that has been causing you to literally tunnel your way to your bed each night. For some reason when you look horrible you can stay more focused in your cleaning efforts…mainly because you wouldn’t want any living soul to see you like that anyway so you may as well stay in the room and keep cleaning…

Yep, that pretty much sums up my day today…and it is true that it’s after 7pm and here I am still in my pajamas from this morning 🙂 ….and the best part about still being in my pajamas from this morning is that I am already ready for bed! How convenient is that!!! And once step better – I can actually get to my bed without tripping on anything! It’s like a miracle!!

Take time to have a clean-up day…a clean surrounding feels amazing!



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  • Danny Toney says:

    Amy, this is great. I laughed multiple times because somehow you were able to describe my house at times. Just curious, do you take the approach of having a consist cleaning day (like once a month) or do you just wake up one morning and say, “Dang. I need to clean this place.”

    I love your blog articles. Thanks for sharing.

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