When my twitter feed revealed #TheMeaningOfLifeIn4Words  as the top trend hashtag of the moment it totally killed my focus tonight. The truth is I don’t usually pay attention to things that are trending but for some reason this one caught my eye. Perhaps that’s because I’ve spent days on end doing nothing but writing word upon word for my ForbesBook manuscript that’s coming due soon which made the very thought of having to sum up the entire meaning of life in only four feel impossible. Come on, just four words?? To define the entire meaning of life??? seriously…mind blown…

Maybe its because my A.D.D. meds have worn off for the day and I’ve literally typed non-stop since early this morning, but I now I can’t stop thinking of anything but on what four words I would use to describe the meaning of life!  I clearly won’t be able to keep working on my manuscript until I figure the four words out, dang it. Curse you Twitter!

The meaning of life in four words eh?  Okay, here goes… (I feel like there should be a drum-roll for dramatic effect here…):

“In Pursuit Of Perfection”

There you have it.  And the reason why I chose those four words?  Because the meaning of this life isn’t to be perfect because none of us can ever be perfect in this lifetime. The purpose of this life is to pursue perfection, doing everything we can each day to be a little better than the last and continuing forward day after day in the pursuit of perfection having faith that, if we do our very best, then when this life is over God will make up the difference and we will be made perfect… thus that is #TheMeaningOfLifeIn4Words

Have a great day!

~Amy Rees Anderson



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