Trials Are Empowering

“Have you ever gone through something difficult and that experience allowed you to empathize with friends or even strangers who were facing a similar challenge? Or have you seen others experience sorrow from difficult circumstances and turn their pain into a moving, empowering cause? The trials we face allow us to develop compassion for others and can inspire us to make a difference in the world, in big and small ways. They enable us to truly be “willing to bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light” (Mosiah 18:8)….Trials can open our eyes to those who are suffering. They can enable us to show others genuine compassion and love. They can refine us to be more charitable, empathetic, and influential humans. They can instill in us a powerful need to serve….Take a moment to think about what you’ve learned because of bad things that have happened. There’s no doubt you will recognize those moments when you were able to sincerely understand someone else’s sorrow because of something you once faced” – Chakell Wardleigh

As much as we would all like to avoid life’s painful trials, there is much to be said for the value of being able to notice when someone is suffering because you recognize the hurt in their eyes because you have seen it before reflected in your own during past struggles…there is a deep compassion you can provide someone who is suffering when you yourself have suffered through similar things…there is great comfort in being able to give genuine comfort to someone because your heart has been where there heart is and they know you understand their pains…and knowing that your trials may help benefit another is healing…

Be strong in your trials as someday they will allow you to help someone else.

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Karmel Larson says:

    Timely for me… had several trials this week and a double whammy hit me right before getting this blog gift in my inbox .Thanks for helping me to keep a positive perspective!

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