We Could All Use A Splash Of Color

Life is like a big blank canvas and we are the ones holding our own paint brush. We get to choose what picture we will paint on the canvas. We get to decide whether to make it bright and colorful or dark and dreary. We can use colors that stand out or we can use colors that blend in to the background.

Today a truck full of flowers was delivered to our home. It was my job to place all the flowers in the spot they should be planted and then my husband and kids and a few other helpers spent the day planting them in our yard. The end result is absolutely stunning due to all the splashes of color throughout the yard.

I couldn’t help but think how we could all use a splash of color in our lives to brighten things up and make our lives more beautiful. On the outside it comes from taking care of our bodies and putting effort into looking nice. On the inside it comes from getting in touch with our spirituality through meditation and prayer, goal setting, being willing to step outside our comfort zones, and thinking only positive thoughts.

Just as we have to decide which colors to dip our paint brushes into when painting a picture, we have to decide what colors we want to bring into our daily lives. Today I brought a whole lot of pink and yellow and purple into my life in the way of flowers to make the exterior things in my life more beautiful. Tomorrow I will work extra hard to think only the brightest shades of thoughts so my insides can be as bright and beautiful as the flowers in my yard.

We could all use a splash of color in our lives…decide what your colors are going to be.

~Amy Rees Anderson

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