Weekend Forecast: Gain an Hour and a Few Pounds

Happy Halloween Weekend Ahead! Not only do we gain an entire hour of extra sleep Saturday night when the clocks fall back (yay, more sleep!….I am so happy about that!), but we get to look forward to gaining a few pounds from eating candy, candy, candy!!!  Dang that candy…

We really love Halloween at our house. Every Halloween since we got married 8 years ago, my husband literally spends a few hours every day for weeks leading up to Halloween to decorate our yard with some elaborate new theme. One year he did a sports theme and he had skeletons wakeboarding, surfing, water skiing, kayaking, riding bikes, etc in our front yard. Then he did scarecrows one year with life size super scary scarecrows all hanging in the yard. Another year he did scary witches holding a head by the hair and dropping it into a boiling pot (it was so scary the little kids in the neighborhood were too scared to come up our sidewalk to get their candy so I told him he can never be that scary again). Another year he did a zombie wedding with a bride and groom and entire wedding party with the procession line and guests and everything. Last year he did a skeleton dance party disco with a disco ball hanging down and a DJ at a spin table and flying bats…it was amazing…he had skeletons doing the sprinkler dance and all kinds of great moves. This year he decided to do a skeleton football game pitting the Utah state rival teams BYU against the U of U. He has the football goalpost and the skeleton cheerleaders and fans and football players all playing a big football game. He even has a bat flying with the football through the air toward the goalpost.

His yard decorations and his creative themes have become a favorite for the whole neighborhood to come and see. So much so that last year we started a new tradition of having a DJ come and we throw a big dance party out on our driveway and the street each Halloween for everyone in our neighborhood and our friends to come and bring their whole family to enjoy dancing rather than doing the trick-or-treating for hours on end. We figure it’s a good way to let kids dress up still, let both adults and kids alike have a ton of fun, and not end up with tons of candy that will just make us all gain weight and rot our teeth out later. So I’m super excited to share our awesome yard (thanks to Rollin) and a night of dancing with our friends.

Whatever you do this weekend to celebrate Halloween just remember to stay safe, have a great time, and try not to eat too much candy…oh, and sleep in for that extra hour (yippee!)

Happy Halloween


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