Welcome to the First Day of Fall

Autumnal equinox hit today, September 22nd at 10:29 PM EDT, making this officially the first day of fall.  From here on out the temperatures begin to drop and the days start getting shorter than the nights.  Autumn is officially upon us!

I have to admit that there are many things I absolutely love about the Fall Season.

I love seeing all the leaves changing colors…LOVE taking drives up the canyons to see the amazing colors in Utah…that is the best!,

I love when all our favorite TV show premiers begin (like the premier of The Blacklist tonight!)…it’s so fun to look forward to watching a favorite show with your sweetheart all snuggled up in a blanket,

I love pumpkin flavored everything…the breads, the cookies, the seeds….,

I love all the fall parties and black tie events and galas…

I love me some Candy Corn…best candy in the universe in my opinion…can’t get enough of it!,

I love yummy caramel apples…and homemade apple cider…and apple pie…and apple everything,

I love a large Vanilla Steamed Milk with Whipped Cream on it from Starbucks on a cool morning….so so good…

I love a bowl of warm soup for lunch with a pile of saltine crackers,

I love starting to plan for Halloween decorations…and costumes,

I love lighting a fire in the fireplace,

I love starting to plan for the holidays

Oh, and I can’t forget finding cute new fall clothes…and cute fall boots….gotta love that 🙂

Feel free to share what you love about Fall in the comments…its always fun to hear what everyone else likes.

Yes I have always loved fall season.  There is an excitement and an energy in the air.  The kids are back in school, everyone is home from summer vacations and ready to hit the ground running, and there is just this anticipation of the season ahead.  I have a feeling this Fall is going to be amazing!

Have a happy Fall day everyone!


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  • Delcia Crosby says:

    One thing I like about Fall is the different colors of all the leaves of the trees. Some purple, some red, yellow, pink even. Man, they’re gorgeous! And I agree with you on the sweets. I love caramel apples, apple pie, and candy corn. Candy corn is one of my favorite candies ever! Thanks for the fun thoughts today. 🙂

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