What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?

Life is hectic.  We go go go and we are way too busy and we can’t seem to keep up with the ever growing to do lists we have.  We spend most days just trying to make it through our day and hope to get one or two items done on our list.  And this cycle goes on day after day after day…..it never seems to change…..unless you force it to.  Our routine only gets interrupted with something COOL or AMAZING when we force it to.

For example, family vacations.  Or an exciting weekend getaway with your honey.  Or accomplishing a goal by running a marathon, or climbing a mountain, or some major event goal you have.  Those only take place when we DECIDE we will do them, then we SCHEDULE them, then we MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

Sadly, we don’t make them happen nearly enough.  Mostly because the thought of them often feels like just one more stress to add to our plates.  The preparation they take.  The coordination they require.  The planning in advance. All of those can seem like daunting tasks when you are already busy.

But here is what has hit me a lot lately – the question of “What do I want to do before I die?”  And I would ask you to consider the same – “What do you want to do before you die?”  Really think about it.  What do we want to do before we die?  When it comes our time to do what will be things we stop and think “I wish I had accomplished that” or “I wish I had visited there” or “I wish I had fixed that” or “I wish I had done that”.  Think about it.  Then sit down and start to write a list of those things that come to mind.

Perhaps it is a place you wanted to visit.  Or a person you wish you had made time for. Or an adventure you wish you had taken. Or a family member you wished you had been better friends with. Or a goal you wish you had accomplished.  Whatever it is, write it down.  Then get out your digital calendar and just start scheduling dates in the future for when you are going to make it happen.  Just pick a date, any date.  Maybe schedule one each quarter of the year or maybe do the big trips one per year…it doesn’t matter how many and how far apart, it only matters that you DECIDE and the SCHEDULE them because once you do both of those you will get yourself to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

None of us want to regret the things we didn’t do while we still had time….MAKE THEM HAPPEN!  Don’t wait for tomorrow to decide…decide now….life is unpredictable so take advantage of every precious moment you have while you still have it.

It all starts with DECIDING 🙂


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