Be That Star On The Hill #lighttheworld

Every night as I drive home the weeks before Christmas I look up on the hill above my house to see a big star that is lit up on the mountainside. It’s a star a neighbor has lit up for years during the holiday and I look forward to seeing it every night. There is something special about seeing that light on the hill that always gets to me.

Just as that star that is lit up on the hill by my house brightens every day for me, we can all be that star on the hill that is lighting other people’s day by doing an act of service each day from now until Christmas. Not only does that brighten the lives of the people receiving those acts of kindness, but it especially brightens the lives of those who are doing them.

I came across a challenge called #lighttheworld that is perfect for doing this time of year.  Here is a short two minute video that sets the stage (you may have to turn your cell phone sideways to have it show up right):

I love having a challenge that reminds me to do good each day!  And what a great way to keep in the spirit of things during all the hustle and bustle of the next 11 days!

There is a calendar laid out that gives the theme of each day for suggested acts of service. And each day of the calendar there is a corresponding short little video clip you can find by clicking HERE along with ideas on ways to fulfill that days challenge in order to light the world for others. What an amazing way to feel the spirit of the season the next 11 days!

What a fantastic way to stay focused on the true meaning of this season. And what better way to do it than to become the star on someone else’s hill lighting their world  🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson

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