Isn’t it Amazing that We Made It

Tonight I came home after working an incredibly long day with the subcontractors at our home and collapsed into a chair.  My daughter came home and I told her that the rest of the night was all time just for her and I to spend together.  We sat together on the couch and started having a great heart to heart conversation only to hear a constant buzzing of her cell phone letting her know a text had come in.  And it didn’t just buzz once, it literally started buzzing every few seconds over and over again and she continuously checked I and responded to each one making it near impossible to finish our conversation.  When I snatched the phone and laid it on the opposite end of the couch we were sitting on I thought she would have a nervous breakdown.  Every buzz the phone made out of her reach of seeing the text was like watching someone being horribly tortured.  She couldn’t take it.  She was so distracted by her stress of not being able to answer the texts that she couldn’t focus at all on our conversation so I finally gave her the phone back and decided to let her continue texting her friends and I went back to work on my computer.  That is when this video popped up from a friend.  This video is a MUST WATCH for all (its only 2 minutes long).  Literally, it is so AMAZING and it perfectly illustrates what life was like for those of us who grew up at a time when we played outside and explored the world and made mud pies and rode bikes and played softball.  It shows life  before cell phones and facebook and instagram.  And guess what  – we survived!  We made it!  Amazing!

We all need to step away from the tech once in awhile. We need to go outside more and ride bikes and make mud pies, without our cell phones.  I miss those times….


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