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Live Life To The Fullest

We all have a limited time here on this earth, and none of us really know exactly when that time will come to an end. We all hope to live to an old age and then pass peacefully in our sleep, hopefully with our spouse right next to us going at the same time just like in the movie “The Notebook”(…so romantic!!!) But the reality is that life isn’t quite that predictable and we never really do know how much time is allotted to us to be on this earth, which is all the reason why it’s so important that we all live our life to the fullest….that we treasure every moment of every day…

Thinking about that today helped me put into perspective all the little things that just don’t matter that much, like stressing over small stuff, and holding onto anger or grudges, or wasting a single moment of your energy on bad people, or carrying around past regrets, or worrying about things we can’t change…

It also helped me think about the things that really do matter, like appreciating everything in our lives, and laughing til your stomach hurts, and being in love, and having good friends, and loving our families, and doing good things for others, and gaining more knowledge, and doing more service, and going on adventures, and being part of something you really believe in, and forgiving, and traveling to new and exciting places and getting to know the people and the cultures there, and improving our health, and learning about things that fascinate us, and always giving 100% to everything we do, and moving forward with confidence and hope for the future, and enjoying the beauty of nature, and loving and embracing who you are and working toward who you want to become…

So my thought today is that we should all live our lives to the fullest. Going into each new day with excitement and anticipation and having a full appreciation for each day we are given. Get rid of old baggage and stay away from negative influences, especially negative people. Take nothing for granted, especially great people.  Be excited. Set goals. Make plans. And most of all, BE HAPPY NOW!

Have an amazing day everyone! And live it to the fullest 🙂



  • Vikas says:

    Amy…While your post is really good I feel you are good spiritual person at heart. Your post points towards reality of this world.

  • Brad Perry says:

    Amy, this was a particularly well timed post for me. I really appreciate your point of view on life and positive thinking. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thunder says:

    Hi Amy, I am from China and reading your post from Shanghai. we are here enjoying our lunar new year. Your post is plain and encouraging. I have been having a hard time in my life for a few years and I am about to get out the lowest point. Your post has just come at the exactly right timing. Thanks. live life to the fullest,live up to my potential.

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