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Love Is In The Air!

Only five more day’s until Valentine’s Day! Have you figured out what to give your significant other yet? Well today’s blog is my little reminder to all of you to figure that out now rather than becoming that sorry person at the grocery store Friday night trying to find any Hallmark Card left on the shelf that still has a matching envelope since you waited too long to get it. Think of this blog as my way of trying to help save relationships everywhere 🙂

Finding the right gift on Valentine’s is never easy, so I thought I would just list out a few ideas of things that might work for you as you are trying to figure out what to get for your honey. I tried to think of ideas that cost nothing at all and ideas for those who might want to spend a little more. Hopefully this will help get you thinking anyway:

  • Write a love letter expressing everything you love about the other person. I think personal hand written letters are the most amazing gifts of all. And they become something to keep and treasure for years to come.
  • This idea is my personal favorite:   Get a puzzle the two of you can put together – I think getting a map puzzle (I like the 3D and 4D puzzles they sell of cities with the little buildings and everything) of a place you want to go visit together someday. Put the puzzle together and learn about the city as you do it together. Then set the goal to visit that city someday. This can be romantic and it can inspire you to accomplish a fun goal together.
  • Give your spouse a calendar with date nights pre-scheduled out with the actual thing you will do together on each date night – the restaurant you will eat at, the activity you will do, etc. Everyone hates the “what do you want to do question” so making this calendar for your sweetie shows that you took initiative and thought through the time you want to spend together.
  • Make a Love coupon book – offer any love coupons that will make your partner happy. Get creative.
  • Write a valentine’s poem for your sweetheart and frame it.
  • Buy your sweetie a great new book they can read or a stack of their favorite magazines.
  • Concert tickets are always a fun gift to give and its something you can do together.
  • Movie tickets are always a hit – just don’t forget the popcorn and candy to go with it.
  • A nice pen engraved with their name. This way they think of you every time they write with it.
  • Give a free day out to your sweetheart – cover them for a day so they can go out with friends or to do a favorite activity.
  • Make a candy gram card using valentine heart candies to write a message. This one is sort of cliché but it always makes someone smile anyway.
  • Chocolate covered strawberries are always a great gift. Actually chocolate anything is a good gift.
  • Heart shaped frosted sugar cookies (Sweet Tooth Fairy is my personal favorite)
  • Give a bucket full of their favorite snacks and candies
  • Book couples massages together at a spa. It’s a great relaxing day to spend with each other.
  • Give a certificate for a Mani / Pedi for her or a Shave for him
  • Hire a housekeeping service to clean the entire house before the weekend so the two of you don’t have to. This will let you enjoy the weekend together knowing your house is all clean and fresh. Nothing beats that clean house smell and feel.


That’ all the ideas I could come up with today but hopefully those get your brain going and help you figure out IN ADVANCE what you will do for that important person in your life. Remember that one of the best gifts you can give someone is to put thought into it ahead of time…it shows you care!

It should be a fabulous week this week because LOVE is in the air! And that is when the magic happens 🙂


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