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Why Did This Have To Happen?!?!

I was working hard on preparing a Powerpoint presentation for a talk I will be giving at a University tomorrow evening when my computer crashed, and of course it crashed before I had saved my work. After hours of hard work I yelled out “Why did this have to happen?!?!”  Arggghhhh!!! So frustrating, right!?!

At that moment I knew I had my blog topic to write about tonight – it was time to consider the all-important question of, “WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN?!?!”

Every single one of us has days where all we can do is yell out, “Why did this have to happen?!?” It could be when a business fails after years of hard work, or when a test score comes back with an D after weeks of studying for it, or when a girl or boy turns you down when you ask them out on a date, or when a spouse does something stupid (which we all know happens pretty much daily in a marriage), or when the meal we spent hours preparing burns, or when the tire on our car is flat, or when we get stopped at every stop light when we are late to get somewhere, or when we lose a loved one…

Sometimes we have laid out the most perfect plan and then something really insignificant and unnecessary messes it all up…so why did it have to happen?  That’s the question isn’t it…

I don’t have the answer to that question tonight and much of the time we don’t get the answer to that question until maybe years later when we look back and go “Oooohhhhhhh, now I get it.”  Yet there will be other times when an answer never comes, even after year of time have passed. Sometimes we may never find out why.

But what I do know is this: For the things that really matter in life I believe the answer to that question is one of two things depending on the circumstances surrounding the question – I believe it is either, “It happened because of something we did that we have to learn from” or “It happened because it was for our best good.” I truly believe that. I admit that at times I hate that I believe it because it ticks me off just a little that I can’t just have things go the way that I think would be easiest, but the fact is that I do believe it with all my heart.

So tonight when my powerpoint presentation crashed and lost my work it was either because I was dumb and forgot to save my work in progress, or it was God’s way of getting me to change something about my presentation. And maybe it was a little of both…who knows…all I know is it happened for a reason so now I need to get over it and get back to work and move forward with getting it redone. And that approach will be a heck of a lot better than sitting around whining about it and playing “poor me” for the next hour, because “poor me” ain’t gonna produce a new presentation, so “get over it me” will have to step up and do it instead.

Have a great day everyone! And may all of you choose to be “get over it me” today so you can move forward and get things done 🙂


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