Maybe it won’t work out, but maybe it’s worth seeing if it does

“Maybe it won’t work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever.”

That’s a quote we all needed to hear! I love it because it totally reminds us to have courage to go ahead and try things, even when we aren’t feeling totally sure that it is going to turn out the way we want it to. It reminds us that even if trying doesn’t get us what we hoped for, we sure as heck might just have an amazing adventure just through the process of making the attempt.  It inspires us to be courageous and to quit worrying so much about the outcome and to just get excited about the journey!

All of us have had the experience of wanting to try something but not doing it because we just didn’t feel confident that we could achieve the outcome we wanted.  The little voices in our head start speaking up to say “that will never work” or “there’s no way you can do that” or “there’s just too many things that would have to fall into place to work”. And if the voices in our own head don’t speak up loud enough to stop us, we can usually count on someone else out there being willing to speak out loud with negative commentary like “you’d be crazy to try that” or “there’s no way that will ever work”.  And so the easiest thing to do becomes to justify the decision not to move forward, telling ourselves it would end up being a waste of time and effort to even try.

Instead we need to tell ourselves that trying is going to be a grand adventure that we will never forget. It will give us life experience and it will provide us some great stories to tell. We need to tell ourselves that trying will create incredible memories that will last forever. And we need to tell ourselves these things so loudy they will drown out any negative voices in our minds or coming from others mouths.

Life isn’t meant to be lived sitting on the sidelines. It’s meant to be experienced as the best adventure ever! So go be adventurous!!

Have a great weekend!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Jane says:

    I love this advice and am totally with it. The issue is created when we are married to people who totally take the opposite view. ~sigh~ Better to be safe than sorry in that case. But to the degree possible do all you can with what you have while you can.

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