Plan Out Every Detail, then Take A Deep Breath…And DANCE!

Well I’m about as prepared as I know how to be for this weeks wedding festivities. I’ve planned every detail, I’ve done Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint galore showing each vendor exactly what to do and how things should look when it comes together. I’ve done timelines and checklists that map out every minute of the events. I’ve pulled together all the items we have purchased for décor and setup and loaded everything into organized boxes with labels of exactly what each box is for. Basically I’ve got this thing mapped out as if it was a military operation about to take place.  Yes I can admit I am a total organization freak when it comes to planning big events like this because I want everything to go perfect if possible. Plus I think that love is shown by the details…and I love my daughter A LOT!

Now I realize that even with perfect planning there may be all kinds of things that don’t go according to plan, but all we can do is plan every detail as best we are able, then take a deep breath…and DANCE!

Seriously you gotta dance.  Dancing is the very best way to let down your guard, throw your stress to the wind, and let all of your worries go.  I think it’s impossible to feel worry when you allow yourself to get into the music and dance. It’s the most freeing feeling in the universe!

At this point I’ve done my best to plan an amazing wedding reception for my daughter. I’ve tried to think of every little detail I could to help give her the perfect wedding day, spending many a sleepless night trying to get it all ready in time for her big day.  I’m finally close to the finish line and not a moment to soon as all the family starts arriving in town first thing tomorrow morning so they can be part of her big day Saturday.  And when I Saturday comes I fully intend to take a very deep breath… and DANCE!!!  Cause there will be no boring wedding receptions thrown by this family. This wedding reception is going to be done with plenty of Amy Rees Anderson flair, which means you can rest assure it is going to be one great big PAR-TAY …and a whole lot of DANCING!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone. Get out there and DANCE!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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