Put-off Town – Where Procrastination and Unhappiness Reside


Did you ever go to Put-Off town,
Where the houses are old and tumble-down,
And everything tarries and everything drags,
With dirty streets and people in rags?

On the street of Slow lives Old Man Wait,
And his two little boys named Linger and Late;
With unclean hands and tousled hair,
And a naughty little sister named I Don’t Care.

Grandmother Growl lives in this town,
With her two little daughters called Fret and Frown;
And Old Man Lazy lives all alone
Around the corner on Street Postpone.

Did you ever go to Put-Off town
To play with the little girls, Fret and Frown,
Or to the home of Old Man Wait,
And whistle for his boys to come to the gate?

To play all day in Tarry Street,
Leaving your errands for other feet?
To stop or shirk, or linger, or frown,
Is the nearest way to this old town.


It’s hard to be happy when you are putting things off. It’s hard to feel joy when you are procrastinating things that you know you ought to get done. When we aren’t moving forward in life we end up feeling miserable and unhappy because there is no joy to be found in Put-Off town!  I know because I have spent plenty of time there myself…especially when I have allowed too many things to make their way onto my to-do list.

I’ve learned that we can’t allow so many “things” to get on our to do list or we begin to lose sight of which “things” matter and which “things” don’t. I’m realizing we have to separate out the things on our to-do list so we can see what truly needs to be done and what really shouldn’t be on there at all. And then we can’t put these important things off any more. We’ve got to get to work and get them done because Successville is eagerly awaiting our joyous arrival!

Have a productive day everyone! Heaven knows I need to 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson


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