The Big Difference A Little Kindness Can Make

To say it has been a rough week this week wouldn’t quite do it justice. We’ve spent the week in hospitals with a very sick little grandbaby. We are all going on almost no sleep this week and we’ve been sick with worry, but through all of it there has been something truly amazing that we have experienced and that is the many acts of kindness from others. It has given me a special appreciation for what a difference a little kindness makes in your life.

They’ve been little acts of kindness: Like the smile of a nurse who comes in to check on you but who does more than just their job, they try and lift your spirits as well. It’s the little posts on my blog and on social media from friends and strangers alike letting you know they are praying for you and for your grandbaby. It’s the phone calls from extended family checking to see how things are going. It’s the text messages telling you that you are loved and people are thinking about you. It’s the neighbors who’ve made offers to bring soup, or meals, or who drop off a fun treat on the front porch. And it’s the emails from business associates letting you know they are thinking of you and understand why you can’t be at work or why you have to miss the event you were supposed to go to or just letting you know they understand why you can’t respond right now.

It’s a hundred little things like that which have gone on all week. These little acts of kindness have made me feel so loved and comforted and they have been an amazing blessing to my life. Not only that, but they have inspired me to want to do better myself at performing little acts of kindness for others. I think we often dismiss the impact they will have and we brush it off as not being a priority to do, but having experienced the effects of it firsthand this week has really inspired me to see the big difference a little kindness can make, and its made me want to do better.

Thank you!

~Amy Rees Anderson    (read Amy’s new book “What AWESOME Looks Like: How To Excel In Business & Life” )


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