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The Meaning Of Colors And How Colors Can Inspire Us

We all have favorite colors – our favorite colored shirt we wear, our favorite color of car, etc. Color  become our favorites because they make us feel a certain way or they come to represent something in our lives. Colors can become a great source of meaning and inspiration for us.

Anyone who visits my office, comes to my home, sees the cars I drive, or sees any of the things that make up my brand identity can immediately see how important the color white is to me.  So why do I love surrounding myself with the color white? And why is such an important part of my personal brand identity? Well, I’ll tell you why:

The color white stands for integrity. White represents light and goodness and purity. White represents having an open mind that is eager to learn new things. White represents cleanliness and a fresh slate where anything is possible. White is about having faith. White is said to be the color of perfection.

Surrounding myself with the color white in my life inspires me in all of those ways just described. It is a constant reminder to act with integrity. It is a reminder that there is light in the world, even in times things feel really dark. In addition to surrounding myself with the color white I always keep a small  touch of black in my decor and in my branding because that helps to remind me that discerning right from wrong can be as easy to see as the contrast between the colors black and white on a page if we are careful not to let emotions or circumstances cloud our good judgement. Aside from having those small pops of contrast to serve as that reminder I keep the vast majority in the color white so I am reminded every day to strive to live my life in pursuit of perfection….to strive to do my very best in all I do and whenever I fall short to quickly fix things, learn from them, put them behind me, and focus on filling a fresh new white canvas with what I hope will someday reflect an amazing masterpiece.  And of course I always throw in just a little splash of silver sparkle for a touch of bling.

And that my friends, is why I choose to be surrounded with so much of the color white in my life. And it just happens to be an added bonus that diamonds and Swarovski crystals are both sparkly white (tee hee)…seriously though… 🙂

Have a happy, colorful, inspired day!

~Amy Rees Anderson  (Get a copy of Amy’s new book here: “What AWESOME Looks Like: How To Excel In Business & Life“)

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