Together We Can Make Miracles Happen

Tonight we hosted an event at our home for approximately 60 women from our neighborhood. This event is held once a year and it’s called our “Favorite Things” night.  Each woman brings a favorite thing to share, then we sit in a large circle and go around the room and have each woman share with us the favorite thing she brought.  Some women brought a favorite recipe to share, some women brought their favorite hair product to share, some women brought a favorite book to share, etc.  We all learn great ideas from one another that we can use in our own lives.  It’s an event that the women in the neighborhood look forward to every year.

The event was supposed to be held in our backyard and we had a dinner and dessert bar all staged out as to where it would go and we prepared the yard to be perfect for our guests.  Then this morning we woke up to rain. Not just a little rain…crazy rain!  Lightning and thunder and even hail balls this morning.  It was absolutely nuts.  As we watched throughout the day, waiting to setup until the rain stopped, we finally got to the point where we realized that we needed a plan B because it was soaked outside.  We had waited until the last minute to make a final decision on what to do because we just kept hoping the rain would stop.  Finally we decided we couldn’t wait any longer and we decided to start setting up in the basement basketball court since that was the only area we could all fit together.  It felt like an impossible thing to get everything ready in time for the event since we had waiting so long to do it.  But then women on the committee that planned the event all started arriving and everything started moving at lightning speed (no pun intended 🙂 ).  We setup 60 chairs in the basement and we got the tables setup and the food started getting hauled down when lo and behold the rain stopped.

We were now down to less than an hour before the women were going to arrive. But we decided as a team that we wanted to move the event back to the backyard as we originally intended so we all grabbed everything and started hauling it all back upstairs to set it up there.  Watching this group of women work was nothing short of amazing.  I swear if you have a group of dedicated ladies there is absolutely nothing they can’t accomplish together.  By the time the first guest arrived they had the backyard all decorated, the food buffet all setup and a darling dessert table with hand-picked apples and caramel and chocolate and all kinds of toppings to roll them in.  It was absolutely darling.  They even had water bottles with bows tied around them holding each napkin and plasticware and straw to the side of the water bottle so the women could grab it and carry it easier to their chair.  It was absolutely darling.  I mean it was perfectly staged and decorated and the food was delicious. This team of women along with the help of my husband and one of the other neighbor’s husband were awesome at pulling off this event.

All I am really trying to say here is that when you have a team of people with a purpose that they care about they can literally pull off anything.  I think that is the key – they have to have a purpose and they have to care about it.  All of us involved tonight cared about making this event special for the ladies in the neighborhood.  We knew that the event would strengthen bonds between people and help friendships to grow and we wanted to make things amazing for everyone so there wasn’t anything, not even crazy rainstorms, that could stop us from doing what we set out to do.  And thank heavens the end result tonight was incredible.  The event was perfect, the sky stayed clear and everyone had a great time.

The next time you have something big to pull off surround yourself with a team of amazing people (which needs to include lots of women because let’s face it, women are just amazing!) who will care about the purpose you are trying to achieve.  Then get to work and make miracles happen!!

Have a great night everyone.



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