When you get to the end of your rope…

Growing up there was a poster on one of my siblings bedroom wall that they got for free when they ordered books from the scholastic book order forms we used to get back in elementary school (ps. I loved those book orders!). The poster had a picture of a kitten that was barely hanging onto a rope and it read “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” I saw that poster a million times on that bedroom wall, and as a kid I really had no idea what it meant, but the image and words were burned into my memory because there it was hanging on the wall each time I entered the room.

It’s funny how as you grow up one day it finally hits you and you’re like, “Oh….THAT’s what that poster meant…!”

It’s just a fact that sometimes in life things get hard…really hard…and sometimes all you can do is tie a knot and hang on. When that happens you have to remind yourself “this too shall pass…” because it IS going to get better. Sometimes it gets better quickly and sometimes it takes a little while, but eventually it is going to get better and the important part is not to give up before that has the chance to happen.

My personal opinion is that after you tie that knot at the end of the rope (cause heaven knows it’s a smart thing to make sure you have some stability beneath you!), then start climbing up the rope a little bit then take a moment to tie another knot at that point, then climb a little higher and tie another knot…give yourself checkpoints to stop and tie new knots to make sure you are climbing with stable footing beneath you.

The problem with trying to climb straight up to the top of the rope without taking time to tie a few knots along the way is that if and when your footing slips you will end up all the way down at the bottom again…but if you have tied some knots along your climb then when your footing gives way you only have to fall a little bit rather than all the way down.

So when things get tough remember to tie that knot, hang on, climb back up, tie another knot, and just keep going! Life really is a beautiful thing…

Have an incredible day! And remember to SMILE!


  • Jane says:

    My daughter had that same poster – from the same source. LOL I had not thought about tying stabilizing knots as you continue to climb. Love it!!

  • MustafaHatim says:

    Thanks Amy for the inspiring words.I really like your posts.Yes its very important to tie a knot and also try climb a little higher and tie another knot.
    Your blogs teach us that no matter how rough things get never lose hope

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