Take the 14 Day Challenge to Love One Another!

February is upon us! Which means Valentine’s Day is only 14 days away (friendly reminder, especially to all the gentlemen out there who don’t want to end us as one of those men in the hallmark card aisle the night before desperately looking through the last remaining cards in the store). Whether you have a special someone in your life or not, February is a great month to celebrate LOVE in general…for everyone in your life.

Today I was reading some inspirational articles when I came across one that challenged everyone to participate in a 14 Day Love One Another Challenge, and I thought “What a great idea!!” So I had to share it with all of you so you can participate in it too!

Here is the 14 Day Challenge to Love One Another:

Day 1:    Show patience with someone.

Day 2:    Overlook someone’s shortcomings.

Day 3:    Look beyond looks.

Day 4:    Resist the impulse to categorize others.

Day 5:    See a situation through the other person’s eyes.

Day 6:    Forgive somebody who has wronged you.

Day 7:    Don’t criticize actions or circumstances.

Day 8:    Show mercy to someone.

Day 9:    Give 10 minutes to really listen to someone.

Day 10: Speak kindly.

Day 11: Say thank you to somebody.

Day 12: Focus on what you have in common with everyone you meet.

Day 13: Offer up a genuine compliment.

Day 14: See everybody you talk to through God’s eyes.

I LOVE this challenge! I am totally going to try it! There is a really cute graphic that lists out the challenge that you can print out if you want to – to open it click here . What a great way to start off this new month by focusing our attention on loving one another more!

Love to all of you and have an amazing day!



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