Wishy Washy Wishing

The last two days I had the privilege of attending the invitation only Annual MindShare Conference hosted by Intermountain Healthcare. At this conference they bring together top healthcare executives and experts from around the world to network with one another and to share innovations and ideas around healthcare. It was a fascinating conference and it was really exciting to talk about all the ways we can affect change in the field of healthcare.

At the opening dinner on Monday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert came and spoke to the group about Utah and all the exciting things happening in the state and sharing the reasons why Utah has been ranked the #1 State to do Business by Forbes for five out of the last six years. When he finished his talk he shared a few personal stories and then he shared a saying his father had passed on to him as a child that he wanted to share with all of us. The saying goes like this:

“Work will win when wishy washy wishing won’t”

What a great saying to teach your children! I LOVE IT! I am a true believer in the power of good ole, roll up your sleeves, hard work. I was raised that way by my own father and mother. Hard work was just part of life, no ifs ands or buts. We were expected to work and work hard and that was the end of the conversation. My husband was raised the same way by his parents. He grew up on a dairy farm in Idaho and hard work was just what you did. That was normal life. And frankly that is how I think it SHOULD BE!

Being raised to work hard made it so much easier for me as an adult because hard work was just the norm. That was life. And it was that work ethic that helped me to be successful in business. And I can honestly say that one of the things that attracted me most to my husband when I met him was that he knew how to work hard. I think there is something incredibly sexy about a man that is a hard worker! We should all strive to be seen as “hard workers” because working hard makes us better people in general, and its sexy 🙂

Wishy washy wishing only gets you so far. It gives you a goal to shoot for, which is awesome, but it doesn’t make that wish into reality. Committing to the task and rolling up your sleeves ancd getting to work, and continuing to work until the job gets done – that is what will make it a reality.

Good hard work is what makes a wish come true.    So let’s get working! 🙂



  • Stacy Brewer says:

    Sooooo true!! Such a great blog!!

  • Joan L says:

    Love it! Too bad the days of farm-raised families are fading. We live on a small farm with horses, chickens and bucking hay we grow, so my seven kids hopefully have a sense of what you are talking about in this excellent post. But parents can always find major projects for their kids to tackle if the parent is creative. My daughter’s piano teacher told me that she has been called “the family farm” by another student’s parents. Why? Because she teaches their children to work with demanding expectations– just like a farm might! Anyway, thanks, Amy!

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