A Bad Customer Service Experience Gets Remembered For A Long Time

Tonight I have literally been going through a customer service nightmare. No Joke.

It started with a cruise I had booked for my family later this year. I had spent a week with the cruise company getting the room reserved that my whole family could be together in. Day after day they would tell me that tomorrow they could confirm our family suite and for me to just call back tomorrow. That went on for a week and a half with the same story every day. Each person would give me a different story as to why the delay and how all would be fixed tomorrow. Each new day it was a different story until finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I cancelled the cruise with that company and booked an entirely new cruise company. After 10 years of staying with the same company I dropped them because the customer service was so bad I couldn’t take it.

Then I had to get on with an airline company that I have been trying to book a flight for five of my family members for this future trip. First I spent hours on the airlines website trying to book the flights and their website literally kicked me out every time I would get through the entire process, enter in all the passengers information, type in my payment data etc, and then when I would hit enter it would kick me out and make me start all over. I tried multiple times to book it and multiple times it kicked me out on the last step. Then I switched browsers and tried it again and had the same result. Finally I was so frustrated I picked up the phone to call customer service and then I waited on hold forever for an agent to pickup the phone. Then when I finally got an agent on the phone and spent 20 minutes walking them through the entire situation and having them select all the flights for me and then BAM their phone disconnected and hung up on me. I literally wanted to throw my phone against the wall. SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!  Five hours later and 1:30 in the morning they finally booked the flights for me but now the price was showing higher in their system than it did a few hours ago when I first tried to book. HOLY BAT TRAP BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!    ARGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, so with that I just want to say that a bad customer service experience gets remembered for a long long time….it really does…and companies really need to think about the customer experience they are providing people. A cruise line lost a regular company today and an airline is dang close to losing one too. If either company looked at how much I spend with them they would not be happy to lose that business, but that’s the problem, companies just don’t pay enough attention to the experience they leave their customer with and the cost of that is substantial for them in the end.

You cannot put a price tag on good customer service. A customer will be a customer for life if you simply treat them well. Just ask Zappos…they treat me good and I buy a ridiculous number of shoes from them. So there it is. Now I am going to bed!!!

Don’t forget to smile 🙂   (that’s a reminder for me as much as anyone tee hee…)



  • Sharon says:

    I really enjoy your blog. I looked at it a while back when I was thinking of writing my own. Day after day we seem to think the same way about a lot of things.

    You’ve helped me with mine and a lot of other things too.

  • Sarah says:

    Agreed! It’s all about the experience and how you left feeling in the end. Sorry to hear you had to go through this!

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