You’re Alive For A Reason, Don’t Forget That. It’s Called Your Purpose.

Purpose. Every single one of us has a purpose to fulfill in this life. Something unique that we, and only we, can accomplish. Something that if we use our talents and God-given gifts to fulfill it, will make this world a better place. It is our mark to leave upon this earth and our legacy to leave behind for those who are to follow us. And it is up to us to figure out what the purpose is.

So how do you find your purpose? You start by finding your passion. Here’s a few exercises that might help you discover your passions:

Ask yourself, what are my natural talents and abilities? What comes easily and naturally to me? What life experiences have I been through and what have they taught me?

Next think back about the times in your life when you were so deeply into what you were doing that you lost all track of time with no thought of being hungry or needing a break…you were so into it that the thought of putting it down bummed you out. What were you doing when that happened?

What are the topics you most like to read about? When you have free time to learn what topics do you naturally gravitate toward? When you are searching the internet, what topics do you find yourselves clicking on and reading about most?

Now think about people whose life you look at and think, “I would love to be them!” Write down the things about their life that you wish you too could accomplish.

If you could try anything in life with a guarantee that you will succeed at doing it – what would you try?

As you answer those questions try and see how all those answers might possibly fit together. What kind of a picture do they begin to paint? When you start to see the picture coming into focus does the thought of it get you excited? Do you find your mind starts racing with a million thoughts about it and you can’t help but get sucked into seeing a million possibilities opening up? If you, you may have just discovered your passion!

Once you’ve discovered your passion, as you follow your passion, continuously moving forward, you’ll slowly begin to recognize your purpose. You’ll begin to see how each experience along your path is leading you toward being able to accomplish something that is going to change the world for the better. If you haven’t begin to see it yet, try this exercise:

If you were to close your eyes and dream about how you would want to make this world a better place if you knew you could accomplish anything and there was nothing holding you back…what would you see? What big thing would you have done that made a difference in this world? Who are the people you would you have helped? What lasting impact would it have created? Remember, in this exercise you have to ask those questions with the mindset that success was guaranteed, so THINK BIG, don’t hold back… You likely just described your purpose.

Have an amazing weekend!


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  • manisha says:

    Happy 2016, Amy! Just thought to ask , did you receive my Holiday Card from Canada 🙂 ?

    I cherish the morning reads of your blog! Thank you .


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