Best Friends

“You can always tell when two people are best friends because they are having more fun than it makes sense for them to be having.”

I love that quote and it is so true. I have been able to take some time this week to hang out with my husband and my son now that college is out for the summer and I have to say it has been amazing to laugh and play with two of my very best friends in life. The only bummer was not having my sweet daughter be able to play with us but I am really proud of her for choosing to spend her time serving others right now.

Friends are amazing. Whether it’s family members or dear friends who feel like family, it is so nice to have people in your life who see the best in you and who inspire you to want to be better. It’s awesome to be able to laugh at silly things and cry on one another’s shoulders. And then there are those times when you can be together without saying anything at all and just enjoy each other’s presence.

Friendship is a beautiful thing.  And good friends are priceless. And nothing, and I do mean nothing, beats having it be your family members who are your very best friends of all. Treasure them. Be grateful for them. Show them how much you appreciate them. Take time to laugh and play with them. And take time to sit and do nothing at all other than enjoying your time together…

To my family…I LOVE YOU! Thanks for being my best friends.  And to the rest of you, go have an AMAZING weekend and spend it with your best friends, who are hopefully also your family  🙂



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