Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember back when you were a kid and they had those Choose Your Own Adventure books?  I used to love those! You would start off reading the story and get to the bottom of the page and it would say, “To choose to do <this> go to page x or to choose to do <that> go to page y. Then you would flip to whichever page you picked and continue your adventure until you got to the next choice it gave you and so on and so forth. By the end of the story you had a different path and ending each time you read the book depending on the choices you made.

Our lives are a choose your own adventure book. The only difference is that we only get to read our life book once so there is no option to go to the beginning and read a different story. We can only pick <this option> or <that option> as we come upon each choice and then keep reading on from there.

Knowing we can’t go back and make a different choice than the one we did in our past we have to learn to not look back because it doesn’t do us any good. All we can do is learn from the result of our choice and move forward from there a little wiser when we face our next choice.

Also knowing this is our only life choose your own adventure book we have to be mindful not to waste a single choice we come to. We need to be willing to be thoughtful in making our choice and then be totally excited to turn to the referenced page and see what excitement lays in store for us.

If we really remember that we are in control of our “choose your own adventure” book of life we can keep things in better perspective. We can be grateful that although we don’t always choose what lies ahead we will still have the ability to make our choices as they are presented to us and that puts us in control of where our story is going to eventually take us and end up.

Be excited to Choose Your Own Adventure in life. Look forward to each chapter with hope and excitement because your ending is going to be AMAZING!

Have a great weekend everyone and choose your next great adventure!


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