Fact: a McDonald’s Happy Meal will make you HAPPY!

I LOVE McDonald’s. Yep it’s true…so there…I’ve said it…and I will not feel any shame for having admitted it because as far as I am concerned a McDonald’s Happy Meal is truly the happiest meal in the world. Perhaps its because it not only comes with the perfect size meal to fill you up wihtout making you feel sick about it, it also comes with a free toy to bring even more happiness to your day!  The perfect Happy Meal is the cheeseburger with no onions and then have them add some Big Mac sauce on it…mmmmmmmm…….yummy…..oh, and tell them you want your entire small fry, not that cheap imitation for a small fry that comes with those apple slices, no you want just the fries. Last but not least, tell them to upsize your Happy Meal Drink to the Large Diet Coke and vwalla… you have perfection 🙂

I know there are all kinds of McDonald’s Haters out there who clearly spent too much time watching documentaries like Supersized when they could have been out eating Happy Meals, but I refuse to be swayed by the propaganda. I will continue to love my Mickey Dees from here to eternity.

My son, who is also an avid McDonald’s lover, showed me this You Tube video of comedian Jim Gaffigan talking about McDonald’s. I literally laughed so hard it hurt…its one of the truest and funniest comedy clips ever made. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Have a great day everyone and go eat a Happy Meal because Happy Meal = Happy-ness 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson

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