HOORAY FOR HOLIDAYS! Happy Memorial Day to All!

So let’s just say it – HOLIDAYS ARE AWESOME! Right?!  I mean what could be better than getting a day off from life when everyone else is taking a day off too! I LOVE HOLIDAYS!  And I love that we had the entire day today to be with the people we love.

This Memorial Day I feel so blessed to live in a land of freedom.  So much of our world today doesn’t enjoy that blessing and we should never ever take it for granted, nor should we take for granted those men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom.   Their sacrifice is greater than many of us are aware of…

“Let us pause with respect and honor on this Memorial Day to remember those who fought, for those who gave their life, and for those who willingly stand ready today to do the same, without question, when the defense of freedom calls on them. We owe each of them the highest regard, respect, and honor, and the assurance that their commitment to this Nation’s freedom will never be forgotten.”

I also want to give special thanks today to all of the families that have a brother or sister or father or mother who is away from home right now serving their country. I have several family members who have served our country and who continue to serve – they are often away from their wives and children and I have seen firsthand their families worry for their safety as well as the tremendous burden it puts on their spouses to manage the family all alone while they are away. Having gone through many years as a single mother myself once upon a time, I know how difficult it is to manage a family all alone… it is incredibly difficult not to mention terribly lonely. So I am grateful and appreciative of the sacrifice each of those families are making.

I want to especially pay tribute to those who are serving, those who have served, and those who have given their lives serving. Their courage is inspiring.

“No arsenal, no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.”   -Ronald Reagan

Finally I have to say that I feel so blessed to be married to an amazing husband who is an incredible father to our children; to have an amazing son and daughter-in-law; and a wonderful daughter who is away serving a mission in order to bless the lives of others. I feel very blessed indeed.

May we all recognize the tremendous blessings in our lives and give thanks to God for all of them. Have an amazing week ahead everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Jane says:

    All holidays are great, but patriotic holidays are the best because for one day we remember how blessed we are to live in America and how much honor we owe to those who defend our freedom past, present, and future. We don’t know all that our military personnel give up every day so we can be comfortable and sage here.

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