We Do Not Forget

I have to say that there is something especially great about the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. For one thing it signifies the start of the Summer season and I don’t know about all of you, but I am SO READY for summer! I feel like it has been an especially cold and rainy Spring this year so I cannot wait to have a little sunshine back in our lives again. YAY FOR SUNSHINE!

The other great thing about Memorial Day is that it really causes us to reflect on 1) the amazing people who have given so much to protect both the people and the land that they love, and 2) we remember our dear loved ones who have passed on from this life.

And we can’t forget the amazing flowers that will be loving placed on the graves of all those we hold dear. Driving by a cemetery on Memorial Day is one of the most touching sites to see. I get choked up every single time…

I came across a quote that gives such an amazing idea for something meaningful we could all do this weekend in memory of those great heroes who served their country so faithfully and who made the ultimate sacrifice so that each of us might have the freedom that we are so blessed by:

“This weekend I am going to do something different. I am going to buy some carnations each day and go to one of the nearby cemeteries and walk through the sections for soldiers. When I find a grave that has no flowers, I’ll leave one and say a prayer for the family of that person, who for some reason could not bring their soldier flowers. I will pray for our country and all who serve or have served. For their families, who also serve by losing precious days, weeks and months spent with their loved ones who are off serving, preserving peace and the freedom we have in this country. I’ll pray for the families who paid the ultimate price, who’s loved ones died, or were taken captive and never returned. I’ll pray for anyone who may still be held in captivity and thinks perhaps they are forgotten. I do NOT forget.”  -Sylvia Mohr

May we all never forget the men and women who serve us, both those that have passed on and those that are still living and serving us today.

Hopefully all of you read my blog yesterday and you were encouraged to make some exciting plans for the weekend ahead so you will be sure to have plenty of amazing memories when the weekend comes to an end. I know that I am so looking forward to enjoying the sun and the smell of flowers and listening to the sound of my family and friends laughing out loud in joy. It is wonderful to spend time with people you love and we should be forever grateful for each opportunity we have to do so.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone! I will talk to you all again on Monday night.

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Jane Anderson says:

    Thanks for this idea. When I go visit my daughter’s grave in the small community cemetery, I’m going to do this. I usually go around and water flowers if there are even flowers on the grave. Praying for families left behind is even better than water. Leaving a carnation is a nice added touch.

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